All About One Last Look Editing and Proofreading Services


Becky Hicks, founder and owner of One Last Look

One Last Look specializes in ensuring your book or other publication is ready to hit the shelves (real or virtual) in top form.

We can evaluate texts for:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Word choice and spelling
  • Typos and formatting issues
  • Continuity and consistency

and anything else that a first-time reader may notice that others have not.

We all know it’s incredibly difficult to edit your own work.

It can also be hard for someone who’s been working hand-in-hand with you during your writing journey to see the little things.

Here at One Last Look, we offer you a fresh set of eyes for your manuscript.

We provide a customizable editorial experience based on your specific needs. From our special “One Last Look” final pre-publication review to more complex editing services, we’ll do what it takes to help you succeed!

Come work with us to finalize your labor of love so that when your readers sit back to enjoy your masterpiece, they aren’t distracted by those little things that weren’t caught the first few times around.

Let us catch them for you!

We look forward to working with you.


Becky Hicks and the editorial staff at One Last Look