Client Testimonials

Fabulous editing team!

Becky Hicks and her editorial staff have a knack for rooting out each little editorial hiccup that both my original editor and I missed every time we read through my book. You’d think after 10+ read-throughs that we’d have caught everything. We did not.

Having a “fresh set of eyes” on all three of my books made all the difference. One Last Look was able to find errors that no one had found before and offered me excellent feedback on two issues with continuity that I had no clue existed.

I highly recommend One Last Look for that last set of eyes before you publish your book.

As an author, I know all the hard work, dedication and hours and hours and years and years that go into creating one’s baby. One Last Look gives you reassurance that once you release your baby to the world that it will be error-free.

Excellent work!

Jodi Ambrose

Author of three Amazon best selling books